SAP OS/DB/VM Support


DB/OS/VM, Backups, EDI and Infrastructure Support

Apprisia team can manage all your servers for operating system, database and virtualization.

Our Infrastructure support team is maintaining the major operating systems and databases:
  • Microsoft Windows, HPUX, AIX, Linux variants.
  • Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE.
  • VMware tools for managing virtualization, resources, networking.
  • Tape backups and archiving systems (HP Protector and others).

Third Party Applications, Interfaces and EDI Monitoring

We are conducting active monitoring of third party applications, external cloud applications and EDI Interfaces
  • Active monitoring of Third party applications (such as Tax Engine, Access Readers, Barcoding).
  • EDI message monitoring, FTP monitoring.
  • Daily backups of Third Party applications.

For any issues requiring attention, we alert the application owners.

Simplified Support

You get a single point of contact for all infrastructure maintenance and monitoring activities.

Free up your Time

Your IT team is able to free up from the regular monitoring and backup activities, and can focus on supporting the users.

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