SAP Basis Outsourcing


An SAP Production failure could be your worst nightmare.

Phones are ringing, users are exasperated, and no one knows why SAP is down (and more importantly, when would SAP be up again).

The SAP Basis team is your first point of support for these issues, for analyzing the errors, and getting back up and running quickly. You need a top notch SAP Basis administrator always available to ensure this support.

It is a challenge to hire/retain SAP Basis administrators in the IT team.

Your IT team may be stretched thin with daily issues, unable to keep up with the latest SAP technologies, or losing good resources to your competition. Your local contractor may have expertise in SAP Basis only, and unable to identify issues related to ABAP/Functional modules..

Apprisia : SAP Basis Support

We provide a team of 3-4 Basis administrators backed by our team of SAP Functional consultants (FI, CO, SD, MM..), ABAP and BI developers to support your business users.

  • Immediate attention to any user issue
  • Ensure that all types of SAP issues are identified and resolved
  • Nothing falls through the cracks

What you can expect from Apprisia SAP Basis Support

  • Active monitoring of all SAP systems
  • Keep SAP servers patched to latest versions
  • User requests for transports, roles, authorizations
  • SAP server performance tuning to have a sub-second response time
  • Attractive monthly investment

Team Apprisia will ensure a solid stable SAP environment for your business users. Our SAP team will support your users at all times of the day, on weekends and public holidays.

Please ask us regarding your SAP Basis requirements, and we would be happy to provide our approach, best practices and pricing to support your users.

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