Amazon AWS based DR
Strategy Implementation


An SAP Production failure could be your worst nightmare.

SAP is down, phones are ringing and the users cannot do anything - it effectively stops your business.

SAP Production server can stop due to many reasons.

Insufficient maintenance, ignoring early alerts, hardware/disk failure, storage SAN issues, network disruption could be a few reasons for SAP Production failure. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and thunderstorms are a reality that bring down datacenter operations.

Like insurance, Disaster recovery is a necessity to ensure business continuity. You also want to keep the Disaster recovery costs low and affordable.

What will Disaster Recovery Achieve

In case the SAP Production server goes down, the Disaster Recovery procedure will provide an alternate SAP Production server with the most recent transactions.

The time to provide the alternate SAP Production server can vary from a few seconds to a few hours, depending upon the budgets and approach for the DR process.

Apprisia Disaster Recovery Implementation

We have been providing Disaster Recovery process to our customers.

  • DR strategy and approach
  • DR implementation
  • DR demonstration and acceptance from the business
  • Monthly DR runs for audit purposes

Amazon AWS / SAP Cloud Hosting based DR strategy

Amazon AWS hosting based DR is an excellent approach for many customers.

  • Low costs. You can get an on-demand server, or a permanent reserved server for DR.
  • Geographically located away from your office location.
  • Redundant power, network, data center operations to ensure reliability.

Timelines and Pricing

We provide a fixed price quote for creating, implementing and operationalizing the DR process. Thereafter, we run the DR monthly for audits and fine tuning.

We can establish and operationalize the Disaster Recovery in under 2 months.

Please ask us regarding your Disaster Recovery objectives, challenges and concerns. We would be happy to provide a high level SAP AWS based DR strategy, timelines with a fixed price quote.

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