SAP ECC HANA Migration


Run, optimize and grow your business with SAP ECC HANA Migrations

SAP HANA is the ideal solution for enterprises looking to improve the inherent functions in customer service, logistics, finance and marketing. SAP HANA Server installations help businesses undertake real-time processes, improve transaction ability, proactively improve efficiency and predict process outcomes accurately.

Organizations are exploring newer implementation standards to drive more business value home. From full-range transformation of ERP systems to optimizing a single process, SAP HANA does it all! It can be tailored to adapt to any enterprise grade need to accelerate business processes. Our team has deep expertise and extensive experience in worldwide SAP services covering countries; Mexico, Canada, USA, Germany, South Africa and Middle East.

Maximize your SAP functionality and performance with Secure Migrations.

Serving Excellence in SAP HANA Migrations

  • Deep Product Knowledge - Our experts have been working on SAP HANA migrations for years now. We have in-depth understanding of this cutting-edge platform whether developers, architects and technologists.
  • Demonstrated Success - With numerous production SAP customers, Apprisia is the ideal partner for leading enterprises around the world. We have demonstrated successful portfolio especially in cloud-based production deployment.
  • Proven Approach - We follow a dedicated onboarding methodology that makes use of tools and development to make sure the migration is undertaken successfully and effectively.
Trust Apprisia to Get You There

Apprisia's SAP ECC HANA migrations ensure a streamlined process with minimum risk and downtime. Our consultants deliver projects in time and manage all the aspects right from planning to migration.

SAP HANA delivers flexible data modeling that leads to effective decision making. Apprisia's team of HANA consultants helps you access complete range of analytic capabilities to achieve unmatched performance accelerations.

We Offer

  • End-to-end SAP HANA support
  • Heterogeneous system migrations
  • Optimize your current SAP environment for migrations
  • Post-migration optimization
  • System cut-over and roll-out management plus and post-launch SAP support


  • Process huge volumes of data with high accuracy and speed
  • Achieve high accuracy and drive existing processes with efficiency
  • Lower operating costs with affordable maintenance and testing
  • Enhance responsiveness of sales, planning and production cycles
  • Improve efficiency and simplicity in operations

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