SAP HANA Installations


SAP HANA Server Installations

With SAP HANA, the uber potent in-memory computing technology from SAP, your organization experiences next-generation scalability, reliability, manageability and availability that meet future needs.

Apprisia's SAP HANA Server Installations work coherently to achieve higher growth figures for your organization. We help you rapidly provision the infrastructure efficiently without any long-term commitments. No two installations are same. Our SAP professionals ensure that your organization uses a cutomized solution that meets its requirements and is future ready.

SAP HANA on the Cloud

We work together closely with your team to establish a cloud-based SAP HANA that platform that benefits your organization's in-memory database positively. Detailed meetings with comprehensive discussions make sure we understand your requirements well. Our SAP HANA Server installations ensure:

  • Achieve faster processing times. You can look forward to provision SAP infrastructure in a short timeline.
  • Attractive Licensing. You can obtain good savings through SAP HANA licensing over your current database expenses.
  • Experience higher level of availability. Delve into multiple availability zones, Auto Recovery, and SAP HANA System Replication (HSR).

Supported HANA Scenarios

  • Business Warehouse and BPC on HANA
  • Data marts / analytics / big data
  • Native HANA applications
  • Business Suite on HANA
  • Business One on HANA
Why Apprisia's SAP HANA Server Installations
  • Easy scalability: Our configurations are based on cloud based hardware sizing that provides a consistent performance. There's no 'rip and replace' since the whole system is cloud based.
  • Virtualization for development: Our cloud based deployments are ideal for development environments that promise reliability, portability and ease of deployment.
  • Enterprise class availability: Data availability is a challenge for large organizations. Our SAP HANA cloud deployments make sure that easy expandability meets the most demanding changes against resilience.
  • Disaster recovery: The cloud based deployment allow cost effective and robust Disaster Recovery installation.
  • Modular growth: The deployment can be extended and scaled-up as per our increasing requirements.

Please discuss with us on your SAP Hana Installation requirements, and we would be happy to provide a high level plan with a fixed price quote.

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